Tom Smith & Daren Hecker

bp_blog.fwRub me all the right ways!

A massage after a hard workout is supposed to be good for the muscles, but this shows that massaging gorgeous muscles can be a workout, and it’s definitely good for you! Lucky guy Tom gets stripped down by Daren’s talented hands and gets his big cock sucked by Daren’s talented mouth before settling down on the couch to get oiled up, fingered and rimmed. Tom has a beautiful, lightly hairy ass and Daren must think so too because he gets so hot working Tom’s ass he has to blow a load on it. This calls for more oil and a real “body rub” – hot, naked body next to hot, naked body! When Tom’s body is glistening all over we can understand why Daren worships this body and cock. We’re not sure who we would rather take home – Tom, with his tan Adonis body or sexy Daren, who can make a man tingle all over with his great hands and mouth. Enjoy!