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Roger Gharney

bp_blog.fwWith a lean swimmer’s build that’ll make ya drop your Speedos, sultry brown eyes that’ll make your heart pitter-patter, and a long & thick uncut cock that’ll have ya doin’ the butterfly with your legs, Roger Gharney joins us on Badpuppy to show us one of his favorite past-times. Enjoy!


Evan Cook & Patty Cat

bp_blog.fwPatty Cat is back & on top of Evan Cook!

Patty & Evan both have smooth, sexy bodies that have been nicely manscaped, and both with big cocks & tight asses. After some wet, slurpy cock sucking Patty pounds Evan’s willing hole until they are both shimmering with a fine sheen of sweat. They switch positions with Evan’s hole getting stuffed riding Patty’s cock while Patty gives him a reach around – those low hangers just bouncing with joy! Evan spurts out a hot load with Patty’s cock deep in his ass, and then Patty blows quite a load of his own. Two hot guys that are really into each other make today’s update worth watching over & over & over again! Enjoy!


Tom Smith & Daren Hecker

bp_blog.fwRub me all the right ways!

A massage after a hard workout is supposed to be good for the muscles, but this shows that massaging gorgeous muscles can be a workout, and it’s definitely good for you! Lucky guy Tom gets stripped down by Daren’s talented hands and gets his big cock sucked by Daren’s talented mouth before settling down on the couch to get oiled up, fingered and rimmed. Tom has a beautiful, lightly hairy ass and Daren must think so too because he gets so hot working Tom’s ass he has to blow a load on it. This calls for more oil and a real “body rub” – hot, naked body next to hot, naked body! When Tom’s body is glistening all over we can understand why Daren worships this body and cock. We’re not sure who we would rather take home – Tom, with his tan Adonis body or sexy Daren, who can make a man tingle all over with his great hands and mouth. Enjoy!


Jerry Harris

bp_blog.fwCzech guys are cute, and Jerry is downright adorable!

During the interview he can’t stop smiling and tugging at his pants.  With a body like that, we would just tug those pants right on off day after day after day!  From the way he fondles his low hanging balls, to lubing himself with his spit, to rubbing his nips, this is one hot jerk off.  Jerry enjoys it so much we thought he was going to cum after just a few minutes, but this is one guy that knows how to please himself and everyone watching, so he gives us a nice show fingering his ass before he strokes, thrusts and moans his way to blowing a big juicy load all over that gorgeous treasure trail.  Enjoy!